Monday, December 22, 2014

Rhythm of an Eclipse 28"x24"

Looking To Get Away 30"x40"

Fun of Staid Games 36"x48"

Looking for Keplerians 60"x48"

Eclipse of a Secular Concept 48"x60"

Eclipse of a Bowling Ball with a Jovian Wig 36"x48"

Eclipse of the Little One 28"x32 3/4"

Eclipse of Genesis

Morphing of a Jovian Thought 68"x78"

Eclipse of Idea 48"x60"

Blowing Bubble Gum There 48"x60"

Portrait of an Orb 22"x28"

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Birth of an Orb 48"x60"

Thought Travels to Protect 32"x24"

Eclipse Enroute 36"x48"

Guardian of the Spheres 30"x40"

Knower's Ark 60"x48"

The View From Kepler 186f 30"x40"

Don't Send the Forbidden Fruit to Kepler 186f

Futbol On Kepler 186f 28"x24

Sports on Kepler 186

Everyone Loves the Cello on Kepler 24"x18" on paper

DoMiSolFaSi 28"x24"

The Yin and the Yang of the Yo Yo 29"x24"

Personality of an Orb

Disintegration of Congress 40"x48"

The Sound of Color From the Blind 48"x36"

Data Borne of Volution 44"x30"

Mada and Vee on Kepler 44" X 40"

The Seduction of Mada by Vee 40"x30"